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The off shore industry faces new challenges and opportunities.
Contemporary, they require special solutions for their challenges. Koch Kabel as a specialist for offshore cables and shipbuilding cables can satisfy this requirements.
We develop individual cables for most extreme conditions very reliable and cost-effective.
Koch Kabel AG adapted in the past years together with partners several new materials such as special alloys, highly cross linked polymers, thermoplastic synthetics and synthetic yarns to improve resiliency and security of our cables. We combine our knowledge in cable applications with the aim to reach your challenges.


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Marine & offshore cables – high end solutions for various applications in the marine & offshore field.
Improved security on board and decreased installation costs are some of the most important points for the marine and offshore industries.
For this reason, standards such as IEC 60092 & NEK TS 606:2009 are requiring higher standards for cables.

Koch Kabel can provide a wide range of cables for the marine & offshore industry according to this standards under consideration of an easy installation for this cables.

Increase security, reduce costs

Basic features:

  • Improved security on board & decreased installation costs
  • easy removeable insulation & connection
  • Flame retardant, halogen free, fire resistant, mud resistant, weight and space-saving, flexible
  • compliant to standard IEC60092 & NEK TS 606:2009
  • Koch Kabel fulfils the specifications of the most important international audit laboratories

We can offer cables for the following applications::

Instrumentation cable, fire resistant, GL sample data sheet 10x3x1.5 250V OFS LSZH SHF2 fire resistant GL
Instrumentation cable, halogen free, GL sample data sheet 10x3x1.5 250V OFS LSZH SHF2 GL
Compensation cable Typ K, fire resistant, GL sample data sheet 24x2x1.5 OFS LSZH SHF2 fire resistant GL
Profibus-Cable, halogen free, GL sample data sheet Profibus 2xAWG22/1 + 2x1.0 LSZH SHF2 GL
Ethernet cable Cat.5e, 6 and 7, halogen free, DNV data sheet Koflex Ethernet, FHI, Cat.5e / Cat.7 DNV
Ethernet cable Cat.7 armoured, halogen free, GL sample data sheet Cat.7 4x2xAWG23/7 LSZH SHF2 GL
Interface cable RS485/422, halogen free, GL sample data sheet RS485/422 2x2xAWG24/74 LSZH SHF2 GL
PTFE-wires for liquid gas applications, -196°C, GL data sheet Koflex Thermo PTFE Ni FpBB 600V GL
Control cables FEP/PTFE, -100°C / +200°C, GL Cryogenic cables PTFE with fibre glass insulation GL-DNV
Power and connection cables flex, GL data sheet Koflex Thermo 150 Power GL
Power and connection cables shielded, flex, GL data sheet Koflex Thermo 150 (C) Power GL
Single core wires, flex, GL
data sheet Koflex Thermo 150, single core wires GL

cable glands, ATEX, Atex cable glands
Protection conduits, GL/DNV protection conduits with DNV-approval

▪ American bureau of Shipping (ABS)

▪ Bureau Veritas (BV)

▪ Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

▪ Germanischer Lloyd (GL)

▪ Loyd‘s Register of Shipping (LRS)


Further approvals can be done on demand.

For detailed information and documentation please ask for our documentation Marine & offshore.


We develop in cooperation with our customers a variety of cables for various applications.
Be our challenge! We are pleased to prove our knowledge!

Ask for professional advise! We will be pleased to submit our quote.